Spurwechsel XIV - UNPACK THE RAT

  • Live Poor, Die Forgotten
  • Bar&Co
  • 11. März 2019 um 20 Uhr

"A crooner's work is never done until his final song is sung."

What sounds vaguely like Emily Dickenson at the height of her powers is in fact the bitter truth facing the Gentlemen of the English Lovers as they grapple with their own mere-tality. Jake "Shenanigan" Banigan bemoans his lot as another birthday rolls by, and Jimmy Le B, Mike the Knife and the Big D join him in celebrating careers that peaked at sea level. Be there as the English Lovers, musically undermined by Klaus Erharter and the White Shoes Orchestra, Unpack the Rat ... before they die.

English Lovers, Gentlemen Only:
Dennis Kozeluh, Jacob Banigan, Jim Libby, Michael Smulik

White Shoes Orchestra:
Piano Klaus Erharter
Drums: Lennie Dixon
Sax: Ilse Riedler
Bass: Karl Sayer

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