The Last Five Years

  • by Jason Robert Brown
  • Theater Drachengasse
  • 4. – 15. Oktober 2011, Di-Sa um 20 Uhr
Eine Produktion von vienna theatre project

Vienna theatre project is back with another fantastic musical. Last Five Years chronicles the five year life of a marriage ... Cathy's story starting at the end of their relationship, Jamie's on the day they met. Written by Tony-Award winning composer Jason Robert Brown, it is a personal look at a relationship between a writer and an actress. With fantastic songs, funny and uplifting, the show captures the joy, the heartbreak and universally felt moments of modern romance.

Musical Director: Bernd Leichtfried
Staging Director: Joanna Godwin-Seidl
Music: Sarah Grubinger (Violin), Matthias Bartolomey (Cello), Bernd Leichtfried (Piano), Birgit Zach (Piano)
Starring: Trevor Jary (Jamie), Bettina Bogdany (Cathy)

Producer: Sarah K. Hayes
Assistant Producer: Ludovico Lucchesi Pally
Stage Manager: Barbara Schmauß

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